Webinar: Changing Consumer Prosperity

In this webinar, we explore the regions where consumers have experienced the biggest improvement in their financial situations since 2016. We also discuss consumers’ changing spending behavior on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories over the past five years.

Changing Consumer Prosperity

The Nielsen Changing Consumer Prosperity report reveals consumers’ sentiment toward their financial situations and explores the behavior and impact on spending, and how this has changed over time.

Malaysian Consumers Cautiously Optimistic In Q1 2018

The Malaysia consumer confidence index has improved in the first quarter of 2018 to 104 percentage points, up 10 points from the previous quarter. This is the first time since Q3 2013 that the country’s confidence score has surpassed the 100 point mark, which indicates a level of cautious...

Malaysia Consumer Confidence Stable In Q4 2017

The Malaysia consumer confidence index remained stable in the fourth quarter of 2017 at 94 percentage points, up 1 point from the previous quarter and up 10 points compared to Q4 2016. While the confidence level remained steady, Malaysia climbed two spots to be the 30th most confident country...