Portfolio Management (Extend, Relaunch, Retire)

Managing innovation in today’s complex marketplace often requires that you understand what is happening across a portfolio of brands, not just a single new initiative.

Understanding interaction across a portfolio is a challenge, since new items or relaunches interact with each other, parent brands and competitors. Choices you make to optimize a single brand may not produce the best outcome for the broader portfolio.

What we measure

Nielsen can help you navigate these interactions and make decisions that will help set up your portfolio by addressing the following issues

  • Which new items should I launch to grow portfolio sales?
  • How does a price change on one brand affect sales for my portfolio?
  • What is the impact of a competitive launch on my portfolio?

How we do it

Our flexible solutions addressing your portfolio assortment, pricing strategy or competitive response decisions will determine the best way to protect your brand in a competitive environment.

By modelling consumer choice dynamics at the individual level, we can explore numerous scenarios, seamlessly incorporating interaction effects even when exploring multiple types of initiatives or in-store decisions.