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  • Big Picture: Getting A Clearer View Of Streaming’s Part Of Total TV Use

    The television set has always been a magnet within the home that brings friends and family together to enjoy entertainment and each other’s company. That remains true today, yet the physical TV set has become much more than a window into traditional programming. Live, scheduled TV viewing remains a fixture in our media diets, but…

  • The Future of Media Starts With Nielsen ONE

    At Nielsen, we believe Audience is EverythingTM. And audiences no longer see a difference between traditional TV, streaming and digital. So your audience measurement shouldn’t either. To empower our clients with a comprehensive view of audiences today, we recently announced our latest initiative, Nielsen ONE. This single, cross-media solution will drive more comparable and comprehensive…

  • Understanding How Panels + Big Data Provide Better Audience Measurement

    At a time when smartphones, digital devices and connectivity are aspects of everyday modern life, there’s no shortage of data for marketers to tap into for insight into consumer behavior. Not all data, however, are created equal, and it’s critical to understand that when it’s used for measurement perspective, data is only as good as its root source.

  • Understanding the Role of Panels in Representative Measurement

    For nearly 100 years, we’ve provided business around the world with critical insight into consumer behavior. Our panels are what make this possible. That’s because they allow us to understand person-level behavior, unlike big data and other forms of information that can’t be directly linked to actual people.

  • Nielsen’s Dramatic Track Record of Innovation in our Watch Division Over the Years

    Over the past several years, we’ve made tremendous progress advancing our ability to measure consumer behavior across platforms and delivering critical solutions that help our clients better monetize opportunities to reach audiences of content and ads. To illustrate our progress, we’ve created a timeline focused on our innovative steps forward in measuring the media landscape.

  • Hulu’s OTT Inventory Now Included in Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

    Today, we launched measurement of Hulu’s over-the-top (OTT) inventory through Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. Media buyers and sellers will have the ability to understand and verify audiences across Hulu whether they are watching on their computer, smartphone, tablet or connected TV.