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  • Connecting the Dots With Nielsen Marketing Cloud

    We’ve launched Nielsen Marketing Cloud, which integrates Nielsen’s customer data management, analytics, media planning and activation applications into a single platform to help brands reach consumers more efficiently and media companies sell more effectively.

  • Separating Fact from Fiction

    The last two years have been a time of significant innovation and progress at Nielsen. But while the progress we have made is clear to a wide range of researchers and media executives, a number of fictions about Nielsen and what we do persist. Megan Clarken sets the record straight.

  • APIs Make Nielsen’s National and Local TV Data More Accessable

    We’re excited to announce the launch of application programming interfaces (APIs) for Nielsen’s overnight national and local TV data! Our new TV APIs provide clients faster, more flexible access to data and the ability to act upon this data by feeding it into preferred business intelligence tools.

  • Big Data’s Big Impact on the Future of Advertising

    New technologies continue to drive fragmentation, forcing brands to divide their budgets across devices and channels. Is this same revolution in technology going to make it possible for advertising to enjoy a renaissance of sorts? CEO Mitch Barns weighs in.