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  • Historical milestones in APAC: Nielsen unveils roadmap to monetises cross-media audiences in Thailand

    Nielsen Cross-Platform Ratings launch Bangkok, Thailand, 11 August 2022 – Nielsen will deliver Cross-Platform Ratings in Q1 2023 in Thailand to provide a single, deduplicated audience metric across linear and digital streaming, regardless of platform or device. As consumers take greater control over their viewing, audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented across different types of media,…

  • Nielsen Wins Best TV Advertising Technology at 2020 AdExchanger Awards

    Nielsen’s Addressable TV Advertising Solution was recently selected as the winner of the Best TV Advertising Technology category at the 2020 AdExchanger Awards. The solution was also a finalist in the Best Publisher-Side Video Technology category.  Addressable TV has long been hailed as the future of television advertising, bringing digital’s targeting, data and control to…

  • Marketing Measurement Takes Center Stage at AdExchanger Industry Preview 2019

    In the U.S., the average person consumes over 82 hours of media a week via multitasking, a trend that will continue to grow in ways we never thought possible. In order to further grasp the opportunity in the current video landscape, particularly the growth of mobile video, marketers need to understand how people engage with video across screens rather than understanding segmented engagement with TV or digital.

  • If Media is the Heart, Data is the Heartbeat

    Connectivity is growing at a rapid pace around the globe, and it’s raising the stakes for marketers vying for consumers’ attention on a widening range of devices and platforms. This was the key topic at a recent panel discussion hosted by the Egypt Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce.

  • Nielsen Views: Understanding the Consumer’s View of New Technology

    Thomas Johnson, Director of Nielsen Media Analytics, discusses how our newest consumer survey, the Nielsen MediaTech Trender, helps uncover how consumers perceive emerging technology, new devices and services. Data from the survey is used to develop quarterly reports that provide insights into the sentiment of U.S. consumers, aged 13-and older, around new technology.

  • Understanding Metrics to Monetize with Megan Clarken

    In this video, Megan Clarken, President of the Watch division at Nielsen discusses the journey to delivering Metrics to Monetize™ to the marketplace and highlights the flexibility and breadth of our data and solutions across the media industry.

  • Nielsen Audio at Advertising Week: Audio Messaging and How to Do It Right

    When it comes to viewing and listening behaviors, TV and radio are complementary media. Brad said, “We are finding now that TV and radio are not competing media but rather, are highly complementary. The combination of radio and TV makes for a stickier message,” said Brad Kelly during the “Audio Messaging and How to Do It Right” panel at Advertising Week.

  • Nielsen’s Dramatic Track Record of Innovation in our Watch Division Over the Years

    Over the past several years, we’ve made tremendous progress advancing our ability to measure consumer behavior across platforms and delivering critical solutions that help our clients better monetize opportunities to reach audiences of content and ads. To illustrate our progress, we’ve created a timeline focused on our innovative steps forward in measuring the media landscape.

  • How Nielsen and IPG are Working Together to Improve Automotive Marketing

    On the heels of the launch of the Nielsen Auto Cloud fueled by J.D. Power, Arun Kumar, Global Chief Data & Marketing Technology Officer at IPG, sat down with Damian Garbaccio, EVP at Nielsen, to discuss how both companies are working together to improve automotive marketing performance