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  • Nielsen Views: Evolving Advertising Currency

    SVP of Digital Solutions, Jessica Hogue, discusses the desire within the media industry to evolve the current advertising currency and provide a common metric that reflects changing viewing habits and cross-platform media consumption.

  • 6 Billion Rows of Data to Highlight How to Build Brands

    NCS and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute recently held a kickoff event to detail the breadth of a new study that delves into three-and-a-half years of purchase data to uncover what it takes to build a sustainable brand today.

  • Nielsen Media Lab Fellowship: Connecting Big Data with Big Ambition

    Nielsen’s Media Lab is leading the way in digital research, placing particular emphasis on new research methodologies and emerging technologies. What’s more is that the lab has grown at an accelerated pace over the last five years while remaining at the vanguard in innovative research.

  • Nielsen Views: Understanding Walled Gardens

    In this video David Wong, Senior Vice President of Digital Product Leadership at Nielsen, discusses the growth of these walled gardens, what they mean for the industry and the role Nielsen plays in providing consistent and comparable measurement across both digital and traditional media channels.

  • Nielsen Uncovers Key Media Insights for Television Critics Association (TCA) Members

    In front of a crowd of over 100 top TV critics and media reporters who attended Nielsen’s main stage session at the Television Critic’s Association’s (TCA’s) West Coast tour on Aug. 4, 2017, in Los Angeles, Calif., Nielsen SVPs of Product Leadership Kelly Abcarian and Brian Fuhrer provided insight into the current media landscape.

  • Nielsen Views: Understanding Advertising Currency

    Nielsen Chief Operating Officer and Global President Steve Hasker discusses how media companies and advertisers came to consensus on the current advertising currency and explores what the industry will need to do to moving forward to come together on what comes next.