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  • Nielsen Views: Capturing Connections with Audience Segments

    Jessica Hogue, SVP Digital Solutions, discusses how the evolving digital market is using our premium audience segments to help advertisers tailor messages to find their intended audiences. By using our rich data sets data, marketers and media owners can now gain a more accurate measurement of ROI in the digital environment.

  • Nielsen Views: Bringing Clarity to Digital Advertising

    This week, Amanda Tarpey, SVP of Product Leadership-Digital, discusses our new Qualified Ad Audience solution within Digital Ad Ratings and how it can help equip media organizations to effectively measure engagement and foster transparency across agencies and publishers.

  • Nielsen Views: Capturing Streaming Audiences

    With SVOD Content Ratings, the market now has an independent, syndicated measurement solution that provides a greater understanding of SVOD content in relation to linear television. In this week’s video, Brian Fuhrer, SVP of Product Leadership, discusses the over-the-top (OTT) landscape and explores insights from Nielsen’s SVOD Content Ratings.

  • Nielsen Views: Driving the OTT Marketplace With Connected TV Measurement

    Amanda Tarpey, SVP of Product Leadership-Digital, discusses the growing usage of connected TV devices in the over-the-top (OTT) landscape, how these devices are driving the growth of the OTT market and how Nielsen is measuring audiences to help clients value the viewership through these devices.

  • Nielsen Views: Evolving Advertising Currency

    SVP of Digital Solutions, Jessica Hogue, discusses the desire within the media industry to evolve the current advertising currency and provide a common metric that reflects changing viewing habits and cross-platform media consumption.

  • Nielsen Views: Audience-Based Buying

    In this video, Kelly Abcarian, Senior Vice President of Product Leadership, discusses what’s next for the new era of audience-based buying and how Nielsen helps our clients connect with consumer segments across platforms.