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  • Nielsen Showcases New Media Measurement Technology and Expertise at NAB Show 2019

    With leaders from the media, entertainment, finance and advertising communities, this year’s NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference in Las Vegas proved the perfect opportunity to announce new technology for measuring media, as well as share our insights on the media technologies of the future.

  • Storm Stories from the Frontlines: Audio is a Lifeline During Hurricane Maria

    As summer begins, so does hurricane season, and the importance of radio is no more apparent than when a natural disaster occurs. Radio has the unique capacity to reach remote areas during times of catastrophe, and when it comes to providing communication and information, radio remains a lifeline to the most vulnerable in times of crisis.

  • Nielsen Audio: On The Road to Big Data with NextRadio

    As part of Nielsen’s Total Audience strategy for audio, we’re committed to measuring consumer usage of audio across all devices, platforms and distribution paths. So in collaboration with TagStation, we’re exploring the use of data from TagStation’s NextRadio app and the opportunities this dataset may provide.

  • Panels and Big Data: Advancing Local TV Measurement The Right Way

    During the 2017 National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference in Miami Beach, Fla., Kelly Abcarian, senior vice president for Nielsen Product Leadership, shared our strategy to continue advancing local television measurement.

  • Encoding for Nielsen PPM Measurement of Local TV Viewing

    In September, we announced that we’re expanding the use of our Portable People Meter™ (PPM) technology for local TV ratings. In anticipation of this update, local TV stations require up-to-date encoding hardware in place to enable TV measurement through the PPM technology.

  • Audio’s Growing Ratings and Enhanced Encoding

    At Nielsen, we’re optimistic about audio. And there’s good reason for it. Since last February, the average quarter hour (AQH) audience for audio has grown 13% in the portable people meter (PPM) markets among persons aged 6 and older. This year-over-year growth in audience reflects a significant improvement in our PPM measurement system.

  • Making Noise: Nielsen Audio Gets Into the Spirit of Total Audience

    When it comes to reach by medium, radio is unique in that it touches more than 90% of American adults every week according to Nielsen’s Q2 Comparable Metrics Report. Among 35-49 year-olds, the reach is 95%. So it makes perfect sense that Nielsen’s Total Audience initiative is just as focused on the audio industry as…