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  • The Case for Growth Through Transparency: A Way Forward for Digital Advertising

    In recent months, Apple and Firefox changed their browser policies to phase out third-party cookie tracking and Google announced its intention to do the same within two years. While these changes are meant to benefit consumers, they unintentionally create an environment in which marketers have less objective insight into the audiences that see their ads…

  • NYC Television Week 2019: Trust and Truth Will Drive the Future of TV

    Nielsen recently made a splash at NYC Television Week, the premier conference highlighting progress, challenges and innovations in the U.S. TV industry. Throughout the week, our leaders shared how players across the industry can personalize advertising and programming to earn audiences’ trust and attention.

  • Trust and Transparency Lead the Way in Nielsen’s Latest Non-Financial Materiality Assessment

    With data at the center, alongside trust, transparency, and diversity and inclusion as other bedrock areas of importance for Nielsen, this latest update underscores the inherently interconnected nature of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas that matter most to our business and our stakeholders over the long term; our new visual representation highlights how these strategic areas naturally overlap.