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Nielsen TV: Product Innovation and Jobs Theory

What causes a consumer to pull a product into their lives? Simply put, we bring a product into our lives because it meets a need or desire. That’s the crux of Jobs Theory: doing a job that needs to be done.

New Product Innovation: The Why Behind The Try

Innovation matters. In the consumer product realm, it can drive profitability and growth, and it can help companies succeed—even during tough economic times. On the opposite side of the sales counter, consumers have a strong appetite for innovation, but they’re increasingly demanding and expect...

Breaking Through With Innovation In India

Year after year, thousands of products across brands and organizations hit the retail shelves. Some succeed, whereas most fail. But every once in a while, comes along a product that changes the rules of the game and witnesses unprecedented success. This miniscule percentage falls within the realm...

Convincing Asian Consumers to Try Your Innovation

The path to purchase for innovation in Asia is a long one, as consumers are typically wary of new products and services. Given the rise in innovation in Asia and existing consumer tendencies regarding new products, Nielsen has identified five key ways to succeed with innovation in Asia.

Five Ways to Win Over Asian Consumers With Your Innovation

By Tobias Puehse, Vice President of Nielsen’s Innovation Practice in Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific and Sonia Kapoor, Director, Thought Leadership and Knowledge Management With buoyant economies, burgeoning populations and a fast-growing middle class segment, Asia is ripe with growth...

Reports and Insights | The Breakthrough Innovation Report | Nielsen

Innovation holds a near-mythical status in the marketing world. Rare, elusive, unpredictable —innovation nevertheless remains an engine of sustained profitable growth. Innovation is mission-critical and difficult; it is also expensive: in the US, first-year marketing expenditures alone average...