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Uncommon Sense: How Do You Measure Reputation?

Today, a company’s reputation is increasingly recognized as a business asset that is central to maintaining and growing business value. Despite this recognition, however, corporate competencies around reputation measurement often lag. So “How do you measure corporate reputation?”

State of Mind or Share of Wallet

With the global middle class growing by 70 million each year, and food prices expected to more than double within the next two decades, the world is entering an unprecedented period of rising demand, economic pressure and aspirationally driven buying behavior.

Reports and Insights | Nielsen Global New Products Report

New findings from a Nielsen global survey of respondents with Internet access reveal underlying consumer sentiment toward new product innovations. Nielsen uncovers current consumer sentiment when it comes to purchasing new products, which product categories are enjoying the most interaction and...

Reports and Insights | The Breakthrough Innovation Report | Nielsen

Innovation holds a near-mythical status in the marketing world. Rare, elusive, unpredictable —innovation nevertheless remains an engine of sustained profitable growth. Innovation is mission-critical and difficult; it is also expensive: in the US, first-year marketing expenditures alone average...