The New and Improved Aussie Dad: Fashionable, Financially Secure and Family-Oriented

The New and Improved Aussie Dad: Fashionable, Financially Secure and Family-Oriented

In the lead up to Father’s Day this year, partners and children across the country will no doubt be racking their brains to pick the perfect gift for dad. Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) reveals that millennial dads (aged 18-34) are a particularly different breed of dad compared to their older counterparts, with lifestyle and aspirations of this age group having evolved notably over the past few years.

Australia is currently home to around 877,000 millennial dads. The majority (83%)  say that family is more important than their career (up 4 percentage points compared to the same age group in 2013); and this idea is supported by 58% of these dads saying they have a good work/life balance. Compared to 18-34 year old fathers in 2013, a higher number of Aussie millennial dads describe themselves as affluent or financially secure (up 8 points).

So what do you buy the young, well-to-do-dad who has more time to spend with the family?

Our research shows that gifts relating to leisure, entertainment or experiences would be well received. Millennial dads say they spend $75 on average per week on these items and this is up by 27% versus 2013.

Compared to their older counterparts, Aussie millennial dads are more likely to make an effort with their appearance. Almost one third (31%) say they keep up-to-date with the latest fashion and 16% say they influence the household’s purchase of beauty and cosmetic products. They are also a brand-conscious bunch with 40% saying they are willing to spend more on well-known brands.

When it comes to advertisers and retailers looking to reach and connect with this unique group of fathers, online advertising should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Millennial dads claim to spend an average of 18 hours using the Internet per week and are 73% more likely to spend 20+ hours using mobile internet in an average week when compared to all Aussie dads. Online magazines and cinemas are two other media avenues that would allow brands to engage with this audience.

But who knows exactly where to go and find millennial dads? Data from Nielsen Spectra Geo-Targeting can help brands focus on where their marketing dollar investments should be. Some of the highest statistical areas (a more granular measure than postcodes) that over index for millennial adult males (18 – 35) and ‘adults with children under 12 years of age’ are:

  1. Northern Highlands, QLD (statistical area level 1 – 3140701)
  2. Pooraka, SA (statistical area level 1 – 4104519)
  3. Plympton, SA (statistical area level 1 – 4110739)
  4. Manning – Waterford, WA (statistical area level 1 – 5114629)
  5. Enoggera, QLD (statistical area level 1 – 3109804)


Nielsen Consumer & Media View is a rolling survey of more than 20,000 Australians aged 14 and above. It captures their lifestyles, behaviours, passions and attitudes towards almost every aspect of their life.
It’s great for helping advertisers understand the everyday Australian consumer that they want and need to communicate with.

We also include media consumption data with the fusion of official TV, radio and digital audience ratings to get a rounded view of how brands can best target and reach their target audiences. To find out more about how CMV can help you more effectively plan your marketing, contact