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Trends Shaping the Future of Grocery in New Zealand

The shopper and retailer landscape in New Zealand has seen some significant change over the past decade. Whilst the fundamentals of grocery shopping remain intact, shoppers are more sophisticated. Here are five key areas we see as crucial over the coming years.

We Are What We Eat

Health and wellness are hot topics around the globe, but the obesity rate is high—and rising. The good news, however, is that consumers around the world are taking steps to take charge of their health.

Ingredients for Snacking Success

As snack manufacturers look to tailor offerings to deliver snacks that appeal to both the palate and the psyche, knowing what drives a consumer to pick one snack rather than another is vital to stay competitive in the $800 million New Zealand snacking industry.

The Munch Crunch: Learning to Live in Low Growth

Stimulating growth in the food market is difficult for retailers and brand owners alike, but anecdotally it’s more difficult for the latter. Recent research shows it is only going to get harder.

Fresh Pastures: Unlocking Opportunities in Rural NZ

With an improved business outlook, farmers are ready to spend. Be that shelling out on infrastructure or perhaps upgrading to that latest tractor or ute. By understanding their unique lifestyle, retailers and manufacturers can better reach this segment of the population and serve their specific...

Uncommon Sense: How Do You Measure Reputation?

Today, a company’s reputation is increasingly recognized as a business asset that is central to maintaining and growing business value. Despite this recognition, however, corporate competencies around reputation measurement often lag. So “How do you measure corporate reputation?”