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If You're Healthy, Shout About It!

More consumers are using product information and labels on food packaging, nutrition and fitness to meet personal health goals. Fusing Nielsen data with nutritional information from The George Institute reveals the positive impact the Health Star Rating is having on brands in particular categories.

What's Next in E-commerce?

As the e-commerce channel expands, the future success of brands will be significantly affected by how successful they are online. As increasingly time poor consumers seek convenience and on-the-go purchases, online sales of FMCG will gain more importance.

12 Items or Less: The Small Basket Opportunity

On-the-go Kiwi consumers want their meals to be quick and convenient. Over the past year we’ve seen big increases in those who eat on the run (+22%) and buy take-away food to eat at home (+25%). For those with limited time, meal kits and prepared meals are proving to be invaluable.

Small but Mighty Meal Kits

For on-the-go Aussie consumers with limited time between the end of the workday and dinner time, food boxes and prepared meals are invaluable. Delivered directly to households, food box meal kits include portioned ingredients and easy to follow instructions, allowing consumers to skip extensive...