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Small but Mighty Meal Kits

For on-the-go Aussie consumers with limited time between the end of the workday and dinner time, food boxes and prepared meals are invaluable. Delivered directly to households, food box meal kits include portioned ingredients and easy to follow instructions, allowing consumers to skip extensive...

Green Eaters: Asian Vegetables on the Rise in Australia

You’ve heard it a million times – you need to eat more vegetables, particularly your greens. In Australia, this adage appears to be ringing true. Nielsen Homescan data showed that volume sales for Asian vegetables jumped by 22% versus the previous year, while dollar sales jumped by 17%.

Ad Spend from Cruise Ship Companies Set to Change Course

Australians are willing to take to the seas with more than half (55%) considering going on a cruise. Strong growth in advertising spend from cruise operators is driving consumer enthusiasm, but questions have been raised as to whether Sydney’s infrastructure can support demand. If tour operators...

Aussies Crazy for Cauliflower

Australians are big fans of the humble, yet versatile, cauliflower. In 2016, dollar sales for cauliflower increased by 12% on the previous year - and while this was partly driven by higher prices - consumption also continued to grow at a steady pace, with volume sales up by 2% on 2015.