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What OTC Companies Can Learn from Seasonality

Seasonality has a huge impact on OTC sales performance, and although it varies by category, 60% of sales are subject to this. We, of course, associate summer with hay fever and allergies; however, lots of other categories also enjoy the seasonal uplifts that come with summer.

The Influence Of Affluence

Affluence, a calculation based on income, number of children and household size reveals a lot about purchasing power. But how does affluence affect how many vegetables Australians eat? Can Australian shoppers reach their “two and five a day” on any budget?

The Power Of Protein

Protein - a compound that builds and repairs muscle tissue - is driving a health food craze sweeping the globe. With demand and interest increasing, the opportunity for manufacturers to boast their products’ protein content and drive growth is large.

Unlocking Growth In Meal Kits

Understanding who this meal kit shopper is and their reasons for choosing this emerging consumption model is key to unlocking future opportunities for both retailers and brands.