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Ad Spend from Cruise Ship Companies Set to Change Course

Australians are willing to take to the seas with more than half (55%) considering going on a cruise. Strong growth in advertising spend from cruise operators is driving consumer enthusiasm, but questions have been raised as to whether Sydney’s infrastructure can support demand. If tour operators...

Fish and Chips are Still Top Dog in New Zealand

In an age where consumers say they are increasingly health aware, New Zealanders still regularly indulge in fast food. Research from Nielsen’s Consumer and Media Insights (CMI) survey reveals that in the past month, as many as 80% of New Zealanders ate fast food. Fish and Chips continues to be...

Uncommon Sense: The Multicultural Real Estate Opportunity

By mid-century, the U.S. will be a “majority minority” nation. By 2060, fewer than five in 10 will be white non-Hispanic. This level of demographic change represents a remarkable challenge for retail real estate investors, developers, advisers and retailers. It’s also a remarkable opportunity.