What’s Next Starts Now

What’s Next Starts Now

Today’s Change is Tomorrow’s Opportunity

In the face of rapidly evolving business and economic landscapes around the world, the importance of organizational intelligence and foresight thinking as a tool to unearth early indicators of change and unlock growth has never been greater. Many organizations are struggling with the accelerated pace of change and disruption from outside their traditional areas of influence.

Within the consumer-facing brands sector, many companies have seen fundamental shifts in their traditional business landscape and their consumers. Notably, these shifts are increasingly influenced by factors outside of their traditional areas of analysis such as legislation, technology and innovation. Traditional approaches to research and insights are still as important as ever in this fast-paced environment, but companies must also consider new and innovative approaches to gaining market and consumer insights to help them stay ahead of the curve.

To understand the overarching factors at play in shaping today’s and tomorrow’s business and consumer landscape, it is important to understand the broader macroeconomic environment while detecting emerging signals of change. Understanding how these elements may combine to alter the consumer, retail and business environment can give companies a more informed and considered base to make decisions about the future.

Download the What’s Next Starts Now whitepaper to learn more. We’ve also assembled a brief summary in this infographic. Also, view the webinar playback for local insights from our other regions – Asia PacificAfricaMiddle EastEast Europe and Latin America.


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What’s Next Starts Now

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