Nielsen Workshop: Shopper Centric Category Management

Presenter:Evgenia Trimmi - ASO Business Consulting & Category Management Leader East Europe




Shopper behavior is changing fast, they are more educated then ever with access to information in real time and from many sources.

Not understanding your shoppers can lead to significant risks in not reaching your profitable growth targets, even if you are a producer or a retailer.

What if you would know who are your potential shoppers? Why or where do they shop? How and what they buy? How would this affect your business performance?

What if you knew how to choose the right assortment for the right store? 

Join our workshop and learn how to:

  • Plug a shopper-centric framework into your existing CatMan processes
  • Get insights on shopper’s sub-conscious behavior and implications
  • Define a consistent trade strategy addressing deep shopper insights
  • Develop tactics to win the battle for shoppers
  • Apply the latest findings of neurological research into in-store tactics
  • Network with people in the category management domain

The workshop is addressing to intermediate and experienced specialists in Category Management, Trade Marketing, Marketing, Sales, Key Account Management

If you would like to attend, please contact us at +40 213 106 777 or +40 734 008 306, [email protected].