Where Web Surfers Go Streaming: Top Online Video Destinations in September 2013

Where Web Surfers Go Streaming: Top Online Video Destinations in September 2013

Consumers have seemingly endless ways to spend their time surfing the Web, but watching video is a top indulgence. In September, 148 million Americans spent time watching online video. Whether watching short-form video streams or feature-length films, Americans spent an average of 6.5 hours of the month viewing, streaming more than 20 billion videos.

Among the top online video sources in September 2013, YouTube topped the list with 125 million unique viewers in the U.S., followed by VEVO’s 38 million unique viewers. And YouTube’s streams accounted for more than half the total online video streams (11 billion) during the month. But in terms of time spent streaming, Netflix topped the list, as Web viewers spent more than 10 hours per person over the course of September, followed by Gamespot and Hulu, each of which averaged more than seven hours.

Top Video Brands in September 2013 by Unique Viewer

Rank Brand/Website Unique Viewers Time Spent Viewing PP (HH:MM)
1 YouTube 125,502,000 3:24
2 VEVO 38,100,000 0:40
3 Yahoo! 32,423,000 0:23
4 AOL Media Network 27,153,000 0:26
5 The CollegeHumor Network 18,789,000 0:14
6 MSN/WIndowsLive/Bing 18,789,000 0:20
7 Perform Group 16,829,000 0:12
8 ESPN Digital Network 16,624,000 0:22
9 CNN Digital Network 12,759,000 0:16
10 Netflix 11,070,000 10:28
Read as: 125 million Americans streamed video from YouTube on the Web, averaging 3 hours 24 minutes each viewing video from the site during September.
Source: Nielsen