We Are What We Eat

Health and wellness are hot topics around the globe, but the obesity rate is high—and rising. The good news, however, is that consumers around the world are taking steps to take charge of their health.

More Time at Home Equates to More Time in the Kitchen for Retirees

Once the novelty of retirement wanes, many retirees ask themselves: how do I fill the extra free time? As life after retirement often equates to more time spent at home, eating in can take on new meaning for older consumers who may now have more time to cook and may be more nutritionally aware than

Consumers are Seeking Health, Adventure in the Meat Aisle

Diversifying palates and a focus on health in North America are driving increased demand for a range of atypical meats at the dinner table, introducing an element of adventure along the way. In the year ended June 29, 2012, sales of not-so-typical meats like buffalo, venison, duck and various...

Health in India and the Over-the-Counter Opportunity

No one likes to be sick, but it’s something that everyone has to deal with from time to time. Unfortunately, the frequency of certain ailments is on the rise in India, such as common colds and headaches. At the same time, consumers are becoming more inclined to battle their ailments themselves,...