Webinar: Decoding FMCG Price And Promotion Trends In KSA And UAE

Webinar: Decoding FMCG Price And Promotion Trends In KSA And UAE

The Pathway To Efficient Revenue Management

The retail environment in KSA and UAE has been somewhat challenging in recent years, as these markets underwent significant changes, including the implementation of sin tax and value-added-tax (VAT), as well as progressive consumer price increases. These changes have led to a new market reality, putting pressure on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) volumes, which are down by 3.2% and 9.5% in UAE and KSA, respectively, on MAT Q2 from 2017.

As a result, manufacturers and retailers have been aggressively tapping into promotions to compensate for their sales losses and maintain their market share in an ever-increasing competitive environment. Given an upsurge in promotional activities, pricing is becoming an increasingly crucial factor for both retailers and manufacturers to consider in their go-to-market strategy.

This webinar, presented by Terence Colle, Sales Effectiveness Leader for Africa and the Middle East, and Mike Gerousis, Revenue Management Optimization Leader for Africa and the Middle East, will help listeners understand what has been happening in KSA and UAE in the last couple of years when it comes to price and promotions—and the impact of those changes on the market. They also share findings from the aggregated results of more than 500 price and promotion studies that Nielsen conducted in 2017 and 2018, as well as recommendations on what manufacturers and retailers can do to improve market performance and operating results.

View our webinar playback or download the white paper for more insights on how to formulate efficient price and promotion strategies.