Relentless Change: Africa Prospects Indicator, Edition 7
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Relentless Change: Africa Prospects Indicator, Edition 7

As businesses and consumers look to find stability and certainty in the outlook for Sub Saharan Africa, the latest Nielsen Africa Prospects Indicator ranking shows little reprieve as all eight countries shuffle position at the mid-year mark, the first time this has occurred in nearly four years. What is increasingly evident, is that no country is unaffected by the fluctuating dynamics, although the sources of disruption and opportunity are unique to each market. Change is fast becoming convention, with success favouring companies that are able to make regular adjustments via agile strategies, operations and execution.

Kenya reclaims Africa’s lead prospect position as Cote d’Ivoire slips to second place – an ongoing wrangle amongst the two countries to capture Africa’s primary focus. Tanzania returns to third place after a quarter in fifth place, reaffirming it as one of the steadiest prospects over time.

Ghana and South Africa have regularly changed positions, both up and down, on the index, but the longer term trend points to stronger positions for both countries, now in fourth and sixth place, respectively. Nigeria reaches its best level in three years after slow but continued recovery. Uganda, on average, holds seventh place, and Cameroon has deteriorated substantially to eighth place after the short lived climb to fourth place in Quarter 2, 2017.

Kenya reclaims Africa’s lead prospect position and seven other countries shuffle ranking – Nielsen Africa Prospects

The seventh Nielsen Africa Prospects Report highlights shifting country priorities and sources of potential, with multi-dimensional, comparative indicators. The report also includes a special feature on business priorities across Sub-Saharan Africa for the upcoming year. 


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Relentless Change: Africa Prospects Indicator, Edition 7

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