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Müşterilerle izleyiciler arasında bağlantı kurarak, insanların neyi dinleyip neyi izlediğini en doğru şekilde anlayarak medya endüstrisini besliyoruz. İzleyicilerin neleri sevdiğini keşfetmek için podcast’lerden akışlı TV’ye ve sosyal medyaya kadar tüm kanallarda ve platformlarda⁠ ölçüm yapıyoruz. Şirketler ve reklamverenler kitlelerine gerçekten bağlandıklarında, en önemli fırsatları görebilir ve büyümeyi hızlandırabilirler.

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An S&P 500 company, Nielsen has operations in over 90 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population.

Groups of people like you provide us with critical insight into consumer behavior.

Our global teams work together to have an uncommon impact in the marketplaces and communities where we live and serve.

It’s not just a goal, but a global business imperative. It’s about each of us embracing the talents and ideas of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to drive our continued success in providing clients with the information they need to succeed.

We rely on real people to share what they watch and listen to—that’s how we get the Nielsen ratings.

We are committed to responsible stewardship of the data we handle and protecting the privacy of our panelists, associates and the public.

Nielsen invests in and helps launch early-stage startups and acquires other businesses to continually bring value to our clients.

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We’re in it for you, not awards. But we’re happy to be recognized.

We engage with government officials, industry associations and experts on public policy issues important to our business and to our clients’ businesses.

We have the honor and responsibility to steward the legacy of integrity set by our founder, Arthur C. Nielsen. Our success as a business depends on trust and independence.

Learning is at the core of what we do. We’re honored to lend a hand in shaping the next generation of innovators.