Global Generational Lifestyles

Depending on our age, our approach to something as simple as getting up-to-date news or eating out can be drastically different. But today’s consumers are bucking yesterday’s preconceived generational notions.

Mainland Chinese Planned to Revisit Taiwan

More than 95 percent of independent Chinese tourists who visited Taiwan in the past year want to make a return trip, and more than half plan to revisit in the coming year. Independent Chinese travelers visit Taiwan for an average of seven days. According to Nielsen’s study, the average...

More Time at Home Equates to More Time in the Kitchen for Retirees

Once the novelty of retirement wanes, many retirees ask themselves: how do I fill the extra free time? As life after retirement often equates to more time spent at home, eating in can take on new meaning for older consumers who may now have more time to cook and may be more nutritionally aware than