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Nielsen Client Academy

The Nielsen Client Academy site provides a hub for the learning resources as part of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold client training modules. To learn more about the Nielsen Client Academy, please follow the ‘What is the Nielsen Client Academy?’ link to see an overview of the training and how it can benefit you. Please follow the module link to see the relevant training material.

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What is the nielsen client academy?

The Nielsen Client Academy is a learning pathway that covers various levels of Nielsen knowledge, from the basic information of how data is collected in the Bronze module, to more advanced insight and analysis techniques in the Gold module. These modules are designed to be applicable to different levels of Nielsen users within your business, ensuring that everyone has the level of knowledge that they need to excel with Nielsen data.

Each Bronze, Silver, and Gold module is broken down into bite-size training decks that can be progressed through in your own time. Upon completion of each tier of training, you’ll receive an official accreditation certificate. This certificate indicates that you are formally accredited by Nielsen and is recognised across Nielsen clients.

What training is included in each tier of the nielsen client academy?

The Bronze modules are recommended for all Nielsen users, covering the basics of how Nielsen data is collected, what important facts mean and how they are used, as well as training on using Nielsen software.

The Silver modules are recommended for Category teams, Marketing, and Power users. These modules cover techniques for analysing and interpreting Nielsen data, further to the basic understanding of the data that is covered in Bronze.

The Gold modules are recommended for the Category team and power users. These modules are structured around the principle of how to use Nielsen data to deliver more value to retailer relationships.

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