LEAD Network Webinar: Wising up to Women

Presenter:Nicole Corbett, Director Global Intelligence at Nielsen, and Constantina Tribou, Global VP for HR at Unilever
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This year, the LEAD Network is kicking off its Diversity & Inclusion Best Practice series with the question of how organisations can “Expand their Reach” and spread the word when it comes to diversity and inclusion. How are organisations communicating to, engaging with and driving change with their employees, stakeholders and consumers in order to drive progress towards gender equality. This is the first webinar in this series and will be hosted by our partners, Nielsen and Unilever.

By 2028, women will own 75% of the discretionary spend, making them the world’s greatest influencers. Yet, around the world, women are shouldering more of the household burdens, feeling less financially secure and still are facing serious barriers when it comes to equality.

There is an opportunity for companies to help simplify her life, challenge sexist stereotypes, empower underprivileged women and create products that put the comfort and desires of women, rather than society’s expectations, first.

As equality improves, their power and influence will continue to grow. Understanding what’s important to women is not just the right thing, it is the smart thing. Companies are starting to realise they must look internally and really challenge the core foundations of themselves and their organisations to ensure that they’re addressing gender equality at a corporate level, as well as in the ways they portray their brands.

During the webinar, we’ll hear from Nicole Corbett, Director Global Intelligence at Nielsen, about their research on the female consumer, as well as Constantina Tribou, Global VP for HR at Unilever, about how they—as a business and employer—are responding to the challenges women face and how they are communicating and engaging with men and women to create more gender equality. Unilever is also the recipient of the LEAD Network Gender Diversity Scorecard Award 2019, so we’re excited to hear more about their approaches.