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    Informed Influencers and Powerful Purchasers

    From manufacturers to retailers, content creators to distributors, understanding the cultural drivers of behavior is essential for marketers to exercise empathy and establish real connections with Asian American consumers.

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    The Database: What Omnichannel Really Means in Today's Retail Environment

    Savvy retailers that view the retail landscape through an omnichannel lens are succeeding where others aren’t. So what does that look like exactly?

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    At Nielsen, we rely on real people to understand what audiences watch, listen to and buy.


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    What’s next is always changing—the way you work, your industry, consumer behavior. The only constant is that it never stops. That’s why at Nielsen, we’re inspired by it, evolve with it—and create change ourselves. Connecting you to what’s next is what drives us. Because when you know what’s next, you’ll get there first.