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    Millennials on Millennials: TV and Digital News Consumption

    Millennials have spending power and influence, and marketers are eager to reach them. Their particular media habits differ vastly from past generations and have a major impact on the overall media landscape and how content is consumed. This is the “it” demographic among marketers around the globe because of their size as a cohort and their growing spending prowess.

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    The Database: What it Takes to Be a Brand in Today's Market

    It’s a good time to be a consumer. The product landscape is flooded with variety and options, and it seems like new channels to access those options are constantly expanding. That alone sets the stakes pretty high for brands looking to stand out.

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    Innovations in Measurement

    Media measurement that's in step with advancing technology.


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    See what's next from some of Nielsen's top thinkers.


    Harry Brisson

    Our Director of the Nielsen Media Lab explores how businesses can use emerging technology.

    Peter DiMaria

    Our Head of Content Architecture at Nielsen Gracenote helps clients create the ultimate listening experience for their audiences.

    Liz Buchanan

    Our VP of Sales Engineering creates connections to tap the power of data.

    Molly Poppie

    Our VP of Data Science explores the "why" behind consumer trends.



    Mainak Mazumdar

    Our Chief Research Officer keeps people at the center of data.


    What’s next is always changing—the way you work, your industry, consumer behavior. The only constant is that it never stops. That’s why at Nielsen, we’re inspired by it, evolve with it—and create change ourselves. Connecting you to what’s next is what drives us. Because when you know what’s next, you’ll get there first.