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Supplier Diversity Spotlight


David Grossman, Founder and CEO

Q: How long have you been in business with Nielsen?

A: We’ve worked with Nielsen for the past decade on leadership communications including executive coaching, manager forums and a variety of targeted communications programs.

Q: Provide a brief description of the primary service(s) The Grossman Group provides to Nielsen.

A: The Grossman Group works with senior leaders to help them improve their effectiveness and leadership impact, specifically in the area of critical communication skills. Our approach incorporates customized coaching solutions based on a proven set of tools and methodologies that address the most common communication pain points leaders and organizations face. We recommend strategies and techniques that can be implemented right away, often using customized, licensed tools for both leaders and the communication professionals that support them.

As part of a strategic communications program that we developed for Nielsen, we incorporated our award-winning messagemap™ methodology (named “Product of the Year” by SABRE).

Q: What are some of the non-monetary benefits of working with our company?

A: At The Grossman Group, we consider ourselves your thoughtpartner™ and serve as your partner to project outward success as a result of internal progress.


  • Anticipate the effects of change and help you prepare for crises before they occur.
  • Nurture those internal business practices that drive corporate growth while identifying and countering those that result in decline.
  • Know the ROI of high employee morale and work with you to make disengagement obsolete.
  • Work with powerful leaders who often don’t realize just how powerful their messaging is…even when they’re not saying anything. Especially when they’re not saying anything.

Q: What advice would you give other diverse owned businesses seeking to do business with a major corporation?

A: We encourage all diverse suppliers to continually demonstrate the extra value they add to any engagement and to serve as strategic business partners no company can live without.