Commit to Breakthrough

General Sessions

At Consumer 360, we start each day’s conversation exploring pressing questions across the consumer spectrum: What drives people to watch and buy? How can you create positive and successful outcomes from such data? Where can companies and individuals differentiate themselves from their competitors? And who will become the next major consumer influencers?

Respected industry leaders frame these discussions by sharing how they're interacting with today’s digitally diverse consumers. You'll hear from Univision, Hershey, AMC, Google and many more. Learn how these trailblazers tackle some of the universal challenges companies face in today's vital markets and how they drive effective outcomes for their brands.


Insight Sessions

Consumer insights reach across markets and can help every business harness the power of people today. But while many companies face similar challenges no matter what industry they're in, some of the issues you face are niche for your markets. At Consumer 360, we also delve into industry-specific concerns to tackle some of your business' biggest needs.

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