10 Most-Liked New “Traditional” Ads Sept.Oct. 2008

10 Most-Liked New “Traditional” Ads Sept.Oct. 2008

According to data from Nielsen IAG, a Disney Parks ad inviting consumers to visit Disney theme parks for birthday celebrations was the most liked new “traditional” ad during the four weeks between September 15 and October 12, 2008.

Likeability refers to the percentage of television viewers who report liking an ad “a lot” after viewing it, among those who are able to recall an ad’s brand.

Rank Brand Traditional Ad Description Likeability Index
1 Disney Parks Mouse balloons float and follow people; boy getting hair cut, girls at ballet class; join us at one of our parks on your birthday for free 153
2 Macy’s Show clips from past to present such as “I Love Lucy” and “Seinfeld” where Macy’s is mentioned; part of your life for 150 years 151
3 Lowe’s Female employee from another store buys lamp at Lowe’s; tells co-worker it’s a chainsaw for her husband 149
4 Disney Parks Boy in class opens envelope and Mouse balloons and fireworks come out; Happy Birthday Alex; join us on your birthday for free 145
5 Lexus RX–Firefighters at accident scene clip hook from helicopter, lifting stage to reveal SUV in park; best way to survive an accident is to avoid one 143
6 NFL NFL Shop–Ladies, football’s got a more feminine touch; choose from a new selection of women’s fashion apparel designed by Alyssa Milano 142
7 Bertolli Oven Bake Meals–Chef sings opera in restaurant with empty tables because of Bertolli; couple makes lasagna at home 138
8 Verizon Wireless Push to Talk–Construction worker tells boss that they already have push-to-talk, and phones came with holsters; truck moves to reveal network 137
9 Microsoft Windows–I’m a PC, and I am not alone; various people proclaim that they’re PC’s; grandmother, teacher; we’re all a PC, inseparably one 137
10 AT&T FamilyTalk with Rollover–Brothers fight over new and old rollover minutes; mother mixes up minutes, holds one up and asks if it’s old or new 135
Source: The Nielsen Company (September 15, 2008 – October 12, 2008).
Note: Nielsen IAG’s ranking of the Top 10 Most Liked New Traditional Ads includes new executions only. Nielsen IAG’s panel includes viewers ages 13 and older.

A traditional ad’s “likeability score” is the percentage of television viewers who report liking an ad “a lot” (among those who can recall an ad’s brand) after being exposed to it during the normal course of viewing primetime TV on the broadcast networks.

Likeability scores are indexed against the mean score for all new traditional ads during the time period to calculate an ad’s “likeability index.”

A likeability index of 100 indicates average recall. A likeability index of 153, for example, means that an ad was 53% better liked than the average new ad during the four-week time period.

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