2009 Industry Outlook Homebound — With Internet

2009 Industry Outlook Homebound — With Internet

With less money to spend, consumers will undoubtedly be spending more time at home in 2009.

Already this year, Nielsen witnessed significant year-over-year (ending September 2008) growth in online activities with increases in time spent daily on videos (+46%), blogs (+20%), and e-commerce sites (+17%).

Expect this trend to continue, as well as increases in newer in-home entertainment options such as video vending.

But don’t expect more time spent at home to trigger increased book sales.

Technology-driven gadgets, gizmos, and games will dominate spare-time activities, while U.S. book sales will remain essentially flat, with a modest 1.5% unit growth rate.

Look for a rise, however, in self-help books, as out-of-work consumers look to rediscover themselves.

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