A Look at the Online Video Universe

A Look at the Online Video Universe

John Brauer

We now have enough VideoCensus data for some serious trending, and you can’t beat year-over-year trends for insights into how things are evolving. Having spent the past year analyzing and presenting findings from the dataset, I’m thrilled to have the ability to look at how far online video as a medium has come. I plan to use this blog as a forum to address questions coming from our video clients as well as a place to discuss new insights that can be derived from the data on a custom basis.

Several times this year, I’ve been asked about the age profile of the online video universe: people have a hard time believing 60% of online video viewers are over the age of 35. Initially, it is a bit shocking: we expect that new media like online video would be more heavily composed of younger people. But the truth of the matter is that video has already reached popularity to the point that the video universe, in broad terms, looks much like the overall Internet audience.

Does this diminish the value of online video? Not at all: there are many ways of targeting younger consumers within video sites. Let’s save that for another post. Ultimately, this age distribution is a positive thing: video has reached the point where all demographic groups can be reached. What does it say about the future of video? Should we longer look toward younger users to discover trends in online video? A quick look at volume of consumption tells us the young ones aren’t done yet. Overall video consumption is growing, but the majority of the growth is driven by these younger consumers, with over 40% growth in both the number of streams and time spent by 2-34 year olds.

We’re just scratching the surface with these charts. In future posts I’d like to dig deeper into video usage, looking for some basics like: how many videos are streamed in an average session? How many sources does the average user use for video? What about video ads? What categories are ripe for growth in video? There are many more questions out there, I’m sure. Let me know what questions have been burning in your mind and let’s see if we can get to work.