Are Technophiles Assertive and Arrogant

Are Technophiles Assertive and Arrogant

Are you consistently obsessed with the newest technological gadgets hitting store shelves? An online study, conducted by internet ad network firm Mindset Media in partnership with Nielsen Online, has found that early adopters of new technology often display personality traits such as strong leadership skills, dynamism and assertiveness….but some traits, such as modesty, appear to be lacking.  

“A lot of previous research points to wealthy young males as early adopters of technology,” said Sarah Welch, lead researcher at Mindset Media.  “But this study tells us that there are characteristics beyond age and gender and income that are also extremely highly correlated with tech consumption,” she said.

These findings may give technology companies something to think about.  Ms Welch said the results could impact how companies try to attract consumers, as well as product design.