As U.S. Automakers Struggle, Luxury Auto Buzz Spikes

As U.S. Automakers Struggle, Luxury Auto Buzz Spikes

Troubled U.S. automakers are pleading their case for a government “bailout,” but American consumers would rather discuss future vehicle news and concepts from luxury automakers.

An analysis of auto-related blog discussions released Tuesday by Nielsen Online found online buzz in October spiked around BMW’s X1 Concept, Lexus’s IS 250C, and Acura’s first V8 engine.

The “Meet the Beckers” series and content from the Lexus L-Studio site were the top consumer-cited videos for October.

Among more sober blog discussions, buzz about a potential GM/Chrysler merger was most prevalent. Consumers speculated about which models might be discontinued and the prospect of job cuts. Many also voiced opposition to funding the merger with a government loan.

In contrast, Porsche’s increased stake in Volkswagen generated far less online buzz. Most consumers who blogged about that merger described it as a good business move.

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