Cracking The Hispanic Market — One Segment At A Time

Cracking The Hispanic Market — One Segment At A Time

Savvy marketers in the U.S. have their eye on Hispanic consumers — with good reason: Hispanic Americans account for 50% of all potential new buyers entering the U.S. marketplace.

But reaching these consumers is no simple task, according to a new study released Monday by Nielsen PreView.

For one thing, America’s Hispanic population is far from homogenous.  Instead, Hispanics in the U.S. can actually be divided into three distinct segments: most acculturated, bi-cultural, and least acculturated.

“Bi-cultural” Hispanics account for 53% of the total Hispanic population in the U.S.  Members of this segment speak mostly Spanish at home and consume the most Spanish-language media. 

In contrast, Hispanics within the “most acculturated” segment (34% of the total U.S. Hispanic population) speak mostly English at home, while the “least acculturated” segment speak only Spanish at home.

According to Nielsen, marketers who dissect their Hispanic consumer base on a scale of acculturation will have the most success in reaching potential customers.

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