Destination Asia India’s International Travel Boom

Destination Asia India’s International Travel Boom

Boosted by their country’s booming economy and armed with growing disposable incomes, Indians are increasingly venturing abroad for leisure and business travel. 

According to the Nielsen India Outbound Travel Monitor 2008, most international travelers from India are well-educated urbanites.  Countries in Asia — Singapore (24% of Indians), Dubai, Australia, and Malaysia (17% of Indians, respectively) — are the most popular destinations for India’s new travel elite. 

Overall, Asian destinations account for 72% of international leisure trips and 63% of business trips originating in India, Nielsen reported.  In comparison, travel to Europe accounts for just 18% of Indian travelers’ business trips and 14% of pleasure trips.

Of those Indians who travel internationally, 64% named sightseeing as the main purpose of their trip, while 47% reported they travel abroad to explore new countries.  Another 25% of those surveyed said they travel abroad to relieve stress, to have a good time, or to visit family and friends.

The Nielsen Indian Outbound Travel Monitor conducts face-to-face interviews with 2,000 men and women, ages 18 and older, who have traveled outside of India in the last twelve months.

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