HD TV Households Skew Upscale, Educated, Younger

HD TV Households Skew Upscale, Educated, Younger

In the U.S., high definition TV penetration has climbed steadily in the last year.  In December 2007, 13.5% of U.S. households HD TV sets — by this November that percentage had grown to 23.3%.

Who are these HD TV adopters?  According to a new study released Monday by Nielsen PreView, these HD equipped homes tend to be upscale, college educated, and have younger heads of household.  Sixty percent of HD homes also own DVR machines — compared to 24% of all homes in Nielsen’s National People Meter sample.  Nielsen Preview also reports that all HD homes are Cable Plus (including satellite), and the majority of HD homes have Wired Digital Cable.

Among HD household members, men — particularly 18-49 year olds — account for slightly more of the HD audience.  In contrast, female HD viewing was similar to national TV viewing averages, but among older demos –- Females 65+ — HD TV viewing is 26% lower than the national TV viewing averages for that age group.

Sports commentary programs and political shows were the top genres viewed on HD television.  Sports commentary shows performed 31% better (in terms of ratings) in HD homes, compared to national TV viewing averages.

View Nielsen PreView’s study.