As Summer Grilling Heats Up, So Do Costs

As Summer Grilling Heats Up, So Do Costs

Despite high food costs, sales of favorite cook-out foods are expected to soar in preparation for Americans’ July 4 celebrations, The Nielsen Company reported Wednesday. 

U.S. consumers are expected to purchase more than 110 million pounds or $215 million worth of hot dogs and 25 million pounds or $117 million of fresh ground beef for the July 4 holiday, according to Nielsen.  Meanwhile, carbonated beverage sales are expected to reach a whopping $1.5 billion – or more than 240 million cases, while at least 23 million cases of beer are expected to be sold in supermarkets alone.

But cost-conscious cooks may wish to forego the bun.  Baked goods have experienced the greatest price increases of all cook-out fare, and Nielsen’s analysis predicted that consumers will spend 19.5% more for fresh bakery buns this year vs. last year.  Prices for other cook-out mainstays, like potato chips and processed American cheese slides, are also significantly higher this year.

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