If Given A Choice, Movie Audiences Choose 3-D

If Given A Choice, Movie Audiences Choose 3-D

The Nielsen Company today reported that there is strong consumer appetite for 3-D films, and revealed significant sales increases for theatres showing movies in 3-D.  Dan O’Toole, new product director, Nielsen Ventures, told The Hollywood Reporter that moviegoers perceive 3-D movies to be a “better theater experience,” and will subsequently pay more to see them.

Nielsen PreView’s 3-D study analyzed over 4,000 theatres in the United States.  The research found that theatres with at least one screen in 3-D had a 65% increase in box office sales compared to their 2-D competitors.  Theatres that showed 3-D on more than one screen saw their sales climb to 100% versus what was expected.  This may indicate that one 3-D screen per theatre may not be enough to satisfy consumer demand, and that more theatres may do well to consider the profitability of 3-D.

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