In Europe, SIM Cards Drive Mobile Phone Spending

In Europe, SIM Cards Drive Mobile Phone Spending

The average European mobile consumer uses 1.4 SIM cards, according to a new report by Nielsen, released Wednesday. 

Mobile users who own multiple SIM cards are likely to spend more money on their mobile service, the findings also show. 

A French consumer who owns 3 SIM cards, for example, will spend 28% more, on average, than a consumer with a single SIM card.  Elsewhere in Europe, the numbers are even higher: +51% in Italy, +52% in the UK, +79% in Spain, and + 89% in Germany.

“The additional revenue brought to the operators by consumers who own multiple SIMs is significant,” Jean Littolff,  Director, Europe, Nielsen Mobile noted. “The more SIM cards you own, the more money you spend.”

Nielsen’s report is based on a quarterly survey of 42,000 European customers.

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