In U.K., Staying In Is The New Going Out

In U.K., Staying In Is The New Going Out

British consumers are curtailing spending on nights out, but alcohol purchases in supermarkets and convenience stores remained stable in 2008, Nielsen reported Monday.

Volume sales of take-home alcohol for the current year through May 2008 grew 3% year-over-year, while alcohol sales in pubs, clubs, and restaurants declined by 8% during the period, according to Nielsen.

Take-home sales of cider (+15.2% volume) and spirits (+4.5% volume) fared the best. Nielsen also found that take-home sales of more expensive wines and premium spirits brands fared better than less expensive alternatives.

During the same period, on-site sales of beer and spirits fell by 8.7% and 5% year-over-year, respectively. On-site sales of cider, which grew by more than 30% during the same period in 2007, fell by 1% year-over-year through May 2008.

Nielsen research on consumer’s spending intentions revealed a similar trend.

As of May 2008, just 21% of British consumers said they were spending disposable income to go out — a 30% drop from 2005 and 2006, when 30% of those surveyed by Nielsen reported spending money to go out to pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

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