iPhone Expanding Market Reach… And Happiness

iPhone Expanding Market Reach… And Happiness

At the end of Q3 2008, Nielsen estimates that there are 3.6M mobile subscribers Apple’s iPhone (U.S.-based over 13), giving the device a 3% market share in the mobile business. Growth seems evident as one in five subscribers (21%) who intend to upgrade their mobile device in the next 12 months say they’ll consider purchasing an iPhone next – up from just 15% last year. In addition to Apple and AT&T’s combined 36M advertising campaign, what may be driving this growth is unmatched customer satisfaction. In Q3 2008, 89% of recent iPhone acquirers (past 6 months) were highly satisfied with their device – compared to an industry average of 71%.

A Snapshot Of The iPhone User

  • Adults 35-54 make up the largest portion of iPhone users (34%)
  • Hispanic subscribers make up a larger portion of the iPhone audience (21%) than of the total U.S. subscriber audience (13%)
  • iPhone subscribers are twice as likely as total subs to have a household income of $100K+ (44% vs. 22%)

iPhone Usergraphics

  • 98% of iPhone subscribers use at least one data service (yet it’s still notable that 2% of iPhone subscribers only making phone calls with their device)
  • 13% of iPhone users have their employer footing the bill (compared to 7% of all subscribers)
  • 43% of iPhone users have a monthly bill of more than $100 (compared to 20% of all subscribers).

iPhone Data Usage

  • 70% of iPhone users listen to audio tracks on their phone (39% download music directly to the device)
  • 66% of iPhone users download software and applications
  • 35% of iPhone users watch video on their phones (making them seven times as likely as the typical mobile subscriber to do so)

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