Mergers, Fuel Efficient Vehicles Dominate U.S. Auto Buzz

Mergers, Fuel Efficient Vehicles Dominate U.S. Auto Buzz

Consumers who have been following the turmoil in the U.S. automotive industry are also flocking online to discuss fuel efficient vehicles and a potential merger between General Motors (GM) and Chrysler, according to Nielsen Online. 

An analysis of GM-related online buzz between September 1 and October 24, 2008 found that consumer chatter on Internet message boards and blogs has focused on how Detroit would change if GM and Chrysler joined forces — and which vehicles might survive the merger.

GM’s forthcoming electric car, the Chevy Volt, also drove a significant portion of GM’s online buzz during the last two months — as did discussions of plant closures, the United Autoworkers union, and the company’s 100th anniversary.

View Nielsen’s proprietary Brand Association Map (BAM) for GM, which charts the attributes most closely associated with the company in online discussions.  The BAM analysis provides an unaided, unsolicited, real-time barometer of consumer perceptions of and attitudes toward a topic discussed online.

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