MLB Division Playoff Historical Ratings

MLB Division Playoff Historical Ratings

This week begins Major League Baseball playoffs in the National League (Philadelphia Phillies vs. Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs) and American League (Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels and Chicago White Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays).

Historically, at least where league championship series are involved, ratings have been significantly higher when teams from major markets, such as Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles, are involved. A breakdown of those matchups will be featured prior to the upcoming NL and AL championship series.

Below are historical ratings since 2000 for Division Series Playoffs. Numbers from 2007 division games broadcast on TNT and TBS are combined average viewership for both National and American leagues. The 13 games broadcast on TBS drew an average of 5.7 million viewers, while the four games picked up by TNT drew an average of 1.6 million viewers.


Year Network Avg. Number Of Viewers
2007 TBS (13 games) 4,243,000
2007 TNT (4 games) 1,225,000
2006 FOX 6,752,000
2005 FOX 7,013,000
2004 FOX 7,868,000
2003 FOX 11,403,000
2002 FOX 8,854,000
2001 FOX 6,272,000
2000 FOX 6,208,000
Source: The Nielsen Company


Year Network Avg. Number Of Viewers
2006 FOX 7,548,000
2005 FOX 11,851,000
2004 FOX 7,749,000
2003 FOX 10,879,000
2002 FOX 9,337,000
2001 FOX 7,618,000
2000 FOX/NBC 7,003,000
Source: The Nielsen Company