MySpace Generation Steers Clear Of Ad Clutter

MySpace Generation Steers Clear Of Ad Clutter

According to a new report from Nielsen Online, 12-17 year olds experience less advertising on the Web than older adults. The analysis of online advertising clutter showed that Internet users 65+ were exposed to the most ad clutter, while kids 2-11 experienced the least.

Online Advertising Clutter Exposure by Age Group

Source: Nielsen Online, Custom Advertising Clutter Analysis, U.S. August 2008

While the low “Clutter Metric” for younger children is not surprising since their sites tend to have little or no advertising, even teens, the highest indexing age group on MySpace, encounter noticeably lower ad clutter levels online. In general, niche websites, which attract smaller audiences, tend to have higher clutter.

Jon Gibs, vice president, media analytics, Nielsen Online notes: “Used in conjunction with other metrics, such as unique audience, the clutter measure provides a relative benchmark to help media buyers understand the Web sites that provide the optimal level of impressions within an acceptable amount of clutter.”

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