Nielsen To Provide CPG Consumer Personality Profiles

Nielsen To Provide CPG Consumer Personality Profiles

Nielsen announced Monday it will combine consumer personality profiles from Mindset Media with Nielsen Homescan consumer panel data.  The personality profiles will help consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers identify specific personality traits that drive consumer purchasing behavior and brand affinity.

For example, the new data might inform a marketer of tooth whitening products that people who are considered “Carefulness 5” in Mindset Media parlance — those who avoid haste and impulse — are 56% more likely to purchase tooth whitening strips than other consumers.  The company could then use that data to fine-tune communications to target those consumers.

Incorporating personality profiles into standard consumer data is a first for the CPG industry, Todd Kaiser, senior director, Nielsen Consumer Panel Services, noted.

“Working with Mindset Media, we are the first company to directly link consumers’ personalities and purchase behavior information for the CPG industry,” Kaiser said.  “Now, CPG manufacturers and retailers can achieve a deeper understanding of what drives consumer behavior and how to more effectively appeal to their target consumer.”