Sales Of Fast-Growing Organics Beginning To Slow

Sales Of Fast-Growing Organics Beginning To Slow

In the past four years, organic products have been one of the fastest growing market segments within the food industry, logging growth rates between 13% and 33%.

That trend may now be changing, according to Nielsen, which recently released data showing a slowdown in organic dollar sales and unit sales growth in the four weeks ending Sept. 6.

Dollar sales of organics grew by just 13%, while unit sales grew by 8% in the four weeks between August 9 and Sept. 6, according to Nielsen.  In contrast, dollar sales of organic products grew by 23% and 33% in for the same periods in 2006 and 2005, respectively.

Still, during the 52 weeks ending August 9, organic dollar sales totaled $4.7 billion — a 23% increase in dollar sales and a 20% increase in unit sales over the previous 52-week period.

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