Taiwan Ad Market Up 1% In First Half Of 2008

Taiwan Ad Market Up 1% In First Half Of 2008

Advertising in Taiwan grew by one percent to reach NT$22.23 billion during the first half of 2008, according to a report released Wednesday by Nielsen Advertising Information Service.

The modest first-half increase — driven largely by Kuomintang (+2,134%; NT$164 million) and Democratic Progressive Party (+2,938; NT$70 million) political advertising — is the first advertising growth since 2004 for Taiwan’s struggling advertising market.

Radio (+19%) and terrestrial TV ads (+12%) recorded significant growth, while print and outdoor advertising continued to struggle.

The FarGlory Group, a leading property developer in Taiwan, was again the top advertiser position for the period, spending NT$368 million, despite cutting its advertising budget by 6% in the first half of 2008.

Among the top 20 advertisers, the Kuomintang political party (+2,134%; NT$164 million), Jaysanlyn Real Estate & Advertising Co. (+812%; NT$255 million), and Highwealth Construction (+535%; NT$188 million) recorded the largest percentage increases during the first half.

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